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This year’s TEDx edition is special. Who has ever been a part of a TED event knows the close bond people get during the event. It is like becoming a little TED family!

In December 2017 we got the sad message, we lost one of our TED family members: the wonderful Mick van Meulenbroek. At TEDx Roermond 2014 being just 15 years old he shared his inspiring and warning message to activate people to make a change in the world. We heard you, Mick! You definitely changed our worlds.

So the theme of TEDx Roermond is about Mick. It’s about the question how can we positively impact the world. How can we improve our future? In other words: How about you?

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“It is most important for us to realize that we are all part of this together and we have a shared responsibility to improve our future”